Wuxi RBI Trading Co.,Ltd

Wuxi RBI International Trading Co., Ltd started to embark on international trade in 1990s. We mainly served American RBI Group for domestic bearing purchasing.  The company was officially registered in 2002, and expanded the business to the development and purchasing of transmission parts and assemblies.

We can help our customers with new product design and development with our group of experienced mechanical engineers and bearing engineers. We confidently provide convenient logistic service with our perfect supply chain management and professional import and export declaration procedure.

80% of our customers are located in North America and 20% are in Asia and Europe. The products we handled include bearings, chain and sprockets, castings, forgings, stamps, machined parts and assemblies.

With professional team and convenient logistics, Wuxi RBI International Trading Co., Ltd is able to provide our domestic and international customers a turnkey Solution including development, purchasing, delivery and after-sales service.


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